Feb. 17th, 2017


Holy hell it's been forever! @.@ I got notified that my account was going to be deleted and I just couldn't bare the idea even though it's literally been 6 years since I last made a post. =P That don't mean I don't still love this place.

Anyway, yay, I saved my account! If I can find a good use for it, I might start posting here again. Lessee though.

Jun. 13th, 2011

*blows dust off mic*

*taps mic* 'ello?

*winces at the loud screech of being too close to the mic and steps back a pace* 'ello? Okay, better. So yeah, not dead. Didn't abandon my IJ. I've actually been just lurking about, chillin' behind the scenes. =3 I is cool like that.

I'd hate for people to see me leave a comment somewhere and then click on my journal only to find I haven't made a post here since November of '09 (I know, I know - gross). I'll try to post here a little more often. My gf isn't on IJ so this gives me a bit of a safe haven to rant about her (lol, or not, cuz there's nothing to rant about, she's damn close to perfect - trufax). xD

I may start crossposting my fics here too cuz I've been writing a lot in the last year and a half so it's not like I don't have anything. I just need to stop being lazy. ^^;

For the record, I'm alive and active on LJ and recently, DW. I even have an AO3 (which I've been slowly uploading fics to, cuz again, I need to stop being so damn lazy).

But yeah, will try to post here on IJ more often. =3

(ugh, I looked at my icons and am just appalled at what I have - will take the majority of them down and either redo or just plain out replace them)

Nov. 10th, 2009

Ficlet - Trust (Cowboy Bebop - Spike/Vicious) R

And since I'm back, might as well put up a new fic.

Title: Trust
Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
Pairing: Spike/Vicious
Prompt: Trust
Rating: R
Warnings: Slash, violence, D/s, non-con/dub-con, oral, dark!fic
Word count: 640
A/N: [Written for round 9 of [info]porn_battle.] You know, there's a lot of fun to be had in the Cowboy Bebop universe when it comes to fanfiction. Sad that I've taken so long to realize that.
Summary: Pre-series. When Spike first befriended Vicious, there were things he never thought the other man would make him do.

A small flame illuminated a pale face as a cigarette slowly came to life, flickering as it fought to survive. )

w00t! Not dead!

>.> So I've been away for awhile. I think I got a bit put off by IJ constantly wanting me to post in HTML or no dice. So recently I got into the habit of learning and figuring it out. Now that I have, I'm back biyotches! XD

*feeling stupid, don't mind*

I do have to say that I'm not continuing my [info]ff_yuri_drabble at the moment. I may revive it in the future though (and perhaps drag its ass over to dreamwidth) but for now it'll be on LJ - here.

Ah, I miss the incredible amount of icons I can have here. (WHY LJ!? Why only 15!? *cry*)

May. 13th, 2009

Drabble_a_trois - despair

^^; So I finally decide to stop being lazy and post my drabs again. >.> Gotta go back put up my drabs for ffvii_100 and ffviii_100...  Anyway, these are the two drabbles I did for [info]drabble_a_trois current theme - despair.

Title: Hot Water
Fandom: Naruto
Threesome: Sakura/Ino/Hinata
Word Count: 100
Prompt: #32 - despair
Rating/Warnings: G / Femslash
Author's Note: ^^; Silly idea actually. o.O; I think it's more anger then despair, Ino's reaction. But, in a sense, she is despairing in her anger, so I think I'm good.

Hot Water )


Title: Nargals and Textbooks
Fandom: Harry Potter
Threesome: Hermione/Ginny/Luna
Word Count: 250
Prompt: #32 - despair
Rating/Warnings: PG / Femslash
Author's Note: I feel like I broke a rule by going for the limit of 250 words, but I really loved this drabble idea and in the end, it managed to get a way from me a bit, so it can't be helped. XD

Apr. 6th, 2009

Drabble_a_trois - destiny

This week's drabble for the [info]drabble_a_trois community. :3 I think I'm really falling in love with the whole Carly/Sam/Freddie pairing!

Title: Do You Believe?
Fandom: iCarly
Threesome: Carly/Sam/Freddie
Word Count: 100
Prompt: #31 - destiny
Rating/Warnings: PG13
Author's Note: Sticking to the iCarly theme here, whilst I decide what other 3somes I like. X3 Besides, they're so cute!

"Do you believe in destiny, Carly?"

The brunette looked up at Sam, surprised by the question.

"It depends..." She started.

"Freddie and I kissing, then..." Sam nodded her head at the nude sleeping boy beside them.

"You mean, that you both liked me and somehow managed to find common ground amongst each other?"


Carly rose from Sam's arms, meeting her eye to eye, and smiling. The blonde blushed.

"If this is real, then yes, I believe in destiny." Their lips locked, as they felt Freddie shift beside them. He watched them for a quiet moment, before smiling.

"Having fun?"

Apr. 3rd, 2009

o.O So that's what my initals say about me...

You Are Sincere and Sensible

When You Are Comfortable:

You are a practical, efficient worker. You know how to go after what you want, and you're not afraid to work hard.

People see you as a loyal, genuine person. You are down to earth, and upfront about who you are.

When You Are At Your Best:

You are a hard worker. You need security and stability in your life, even if that means putting in long hours.

People see you as solid and dependable. You are always able to see the good in situations. Other find this comforting.

When You Are in a Social Setting:

You are a carefree, adventurous person. You love excitement, and you enjoy being in a changing, dynamic environment.

People find you to be funny, generous, and competent. You're well spoken, and you know how to wow people with your words.

How to make me. XD

You Are Made Of Dignity, Magnetism, and Passion

3 parts Dignity

2 parts Magnetism

1 part Passion

And a Splash of Delight

Serve over ice

Mar. 31st, 2009

FFVIII drabble of the week 3/31/09

Title: Today, Isn't Today
Characters/Pairings: Quistis/Selphie
Rating/Type: PG
Team: Galbadia
Word Count:
Author's Notes:
Quistis/Selphie = Cuteness to the ninth degree. My second favorite FFVIII pairing. :\ I'm considering making this drabble into a ficlet. >.> A smutty PWP ficlet. <.<  *considers it* >.>

Selphie was tired. Days ago, she lost herself to studying for her next SEEDs ranking exam. The day of the exam she went out to Quad, bumping into Quistis.

"Today's my SEEDs exam!"

"Actually, that was yesterday."

"What? No way! Today's Thursday!" A pout.

"It's Friday, Selphie."

Showing the day's paper, Quistis watched Selphie crumble in tears. Stunned, she hugged the downtrodden girl.

"Maybe I can pull some strings so you can retake it tomorrow?" Quistis offered.

"Could you?" Teary eyes.

Nodding, Quistis was stunned again by a kiss against her lips.

"Thank you."

Smirking, the blonde nodded. "Any time."

FFVII Drabble of the week 3/31/09

>.> Since my ability to place cuts here kinda sucks, I'll probably posting my drabbles in separate entries instead of compiling them into one entry, as I had hoped I could. :\ I'll figure this out! >.> Eventually.... Until then I post according to the above header. If I do more then one drabble for a given community in the same week, then I'll post it along with the drabble of the week. o.0 Something like that...

Title: Who He Is
Characters/Pairings: Barrett
Rating/Type: G
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: o.o No yuri. >< Damn. Enjoy anyway.

He was all fire and anger. Something he held on to that defined him. Helped him wake up and face the next day. However, it wasn't him. A mask to protect himself from the harshness life had showed him. There was a time, so long ago that it could've been just a dream, when Barrett was different. Then, he was softer, more vulnerable to the world around him. What changed? Was it a constant feeling of loneliness that followed him like a plague? He wasn't sure. Whoever he had been, he had closed him away, unable to bear the pain.
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Mar. 26th, 2009

Drabble_a_trois - hurt

My first drabble for drabble_a_trois community. Which I can't cut to save my life!

Title: Unbelieveable
Fandom: Harry Potter
Threesome: Hermione/Pansy/Luna
Word Count: 100
Prompt: #30 - hurt
Rating/Warnings: PG - femslash
Author's Note: Pansy and Hermione were looking for a third for their little party. Let's just say Hermione's not too happy with Pansy's choice.

"You can't be serious." Hermione scoffed, spying the blonde behind Pansy.

"I am." Pansy's tone was firm, unwavering.

In exasperation, Hermione through her hands in the air, striking her left on a nearby shelf. Crying out in mixed pain and surprise, Hermione held her hand to herself. Soft fingers gently grasped the hurt hand. Expecting Pansy, she was surprised by Luna kissing her hand carefully.

"All better." She hummed softly.

The Gryffindor looked over at her girlfriend, who smirked and gave her a knowing look. Sighing in defeat, the Gryffindor nodded her head.

"Yes, all better."

Luna kissed surprised lips.

My second drabble for this prompt. ^^; I think I finally figured out the cuts. o.O; I think my puter was the trouble before.

Title: Can You Feel It?
Fandom: iCarly
Threesome: Carly/Sam/Freddie
Word Count: 100
Prompt: #30 - hurt
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Author's Note: ._. Last minute inspiration, inspired this.

Carly lowered herself onto Freddie's heated skin, biting her lip. Beneath her, Freddie held his breath, unable to believe this was about to happen. Just beyond Carly, he felt Sam move against his legs. Shifting herself carefully, not wanting to go too deep yet, Carly kissed the other girl. Her fingers sliding down to Sam's naked waiting flower, slipping in.

"It's only suppose to hurt for a moment." Gentle lips trembled. A quiet nod between the girls and the girls plunged themselves to the waiting pain of their first time. As one, they all cried out, in pain and surprise.

Mar. 25th, 2009

FFVIII drabbles for the prompt - wishes!

Yes, FFVIII, not FFVII. >< Or so I need to remind myself. XD Kidding. Anyway, this is my drabble for this week's prompt at [info]ffviii_100. ^_^ The whole reason I even came here. Spiffy place.

Title: The Last Time
Characters/Pairings: Quitis//Fujin
Rating/Type: PG-13-ish
Team: Galbadia
Word Count: 100

Falling onto her back, Quitis stared at the ceiling for a long time before turning to her side. Beside her, Fujin stared back at her silently, her hair barely hiding her questioning eye. Quitis' chest tighten as she fought against the panic and tears that threaten to escape her. Tomorrow, they would part ways, off to fight their own separate wars.

"I wish I didn't have to leave your side." She said, her voice quivering.

"SAME." The dark-skinned woman agreed and pulled the blonde closer to her.

Naked bodies pressed together in sleep, for what could be the last time.

And if it wasn't for the 100 word limit, this drabble would have looked like this:

Falling onto her back, Quistis stared at the ceiling for a long time before turning to her side. Beside her, Fujin stared back at her silently, her hair barely hiding her questioning eye. Quistis' chest tighten as she fought against the panic and tears that threaten to escape her. Tomorrow, they would part ways, off to fight their own separate wars.

"I wish I didn't have to leave your side." She said, her voice quivering.

"SAME." The dark-skinned woman agreed and pulled the blonde closer to her.

Naked bodies pressed together in sleep, for what could be the last time. Every time they fought, was another chance they could die. Life was fragile and easy to take away. Long ago, they had realized that love... It could last forever. Not even death could hurt it. That didn't make the possibility of an untimely death any more appealing.

FFVII drabbles

Heh, I'll be surprised if this one doesn't get deleted from [info]ffvii_100. >< Mebbe I should rewrite it before anyone notices?

Title: Practice
Characters/Pairings: Tifa/Yuffie
Rating/Type: PG
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: ^_^ My first prompt here! >< This drabble was hard to cut down to just 100 words. The idea here is that not all first kisses go according to plan. Sometimes, at all.

Tifa couldn't believe what she'd just heard.

"You've never been kissed?" The words didn't sound real.

For once quiet, Yuffie shook her head and chewed her lip in embarrassment. She hadn't meant to say anything, but Tifa had asked and she couldn't find the words to lie - for once. Awkward silence, then Yuffie hesitantly grabbed the other woman's shoulders.

"Could I...? Just to... Practice?" The look in her eyes was child-like.

Surprised, Tifa nodded dumbly, unaware of doing so. Leaning over, Yuffie closed her eyes and promptly banged her forehead into Tifa's nose.

"Eh, you missed."

Yuffie only laughed.


<.< Testing...
>.> Testing...

*trips and lands face first into a wall* @.@ Sonnabit...!
*rubs head and sweatdrops* T.O So, anyways...! >.> Yeah, I think I'll live. >< Not that didn't hurt any less.

Welp, 'ello to anyone who stumbles across this. The name's Bat. ^_^ Enjoy my random stuffs that I post here!

*wanders away, tripping over her own feet and smacking head on a cabinet corner* x.x Someone... call... an... ambulance... *passes out*